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Select your number of catalogs: (a catalog is a price list)


Premium features like Standing Order, Advanced Inventory, and Quickbooks Integration can be purchased after sign up.

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Frequently Asked  Questions

+ What's included in a Local Line subscription?

All Local Line accounts come with unlimited products, customers, users. You get access to all features, and can purchase premium features from your account once you sign up.

+ What is a catalog?

A catalog is a price list. With Local Line, you can create various catalogs for all your different types of customers. We sell each catalog at $50/month so all you have to do is select the number of catalogs you need, everything else is included!

+ Do you have a setup cost?

There is no cost to get going. You can start yourself and set your entire store up in only a couple of hours. Tight for time? We offer store setup at $199.

+ Do you offer yearly plans?

Yes, if you choose to pay annually up front (optional), then you’ll get a 20% discount and pay only $40/catalog/month.

+ What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. For annual plans we also accept checks and e-transfers.

+ Do you restrict features with a free trial?

No, when you start your free trial the entire Local Line platform is available to you. If you need to reference what plan you’d fit in once your free trial is done, simply check your number of catalogs and whether you’re using advanced inventory, sales rep management or integrations.