Local Line Created Big Results For Small Food Producers

Local Line provides big-impact business tools for small-scale food producers

If you’re a farmer, baker, butcher or any other kind of small-scale food producer, Cole Jones understands the challenges you face. Making your product is a full-time job, but you still have to squeeze in time for attracting customers, taking orders, making deliveries and a host of other business management tasks.

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Flanagan Foodservice and Local Line Increase Access to Local Food with Online Market

In 2017, Flanagan Foodservice, the largest Canadian-owned, independent foodservice distributor in the country, teamed up with Local Line, a tech company that builds e-commerce tools for food businesses, to launch Flanagan Market: an online platform connecting local growers with restaurants and other food service operations to increase local food options readily available to buyers.

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Local Line: Local Relationships, Growing Global

Cole’s startup, Local Line is reengineering the $36B Ontario food chain and he intends to export his disruptive Canadian agtech startup to the United States. Before food hits your plate, he is quietly helping farmers sell produce easier, distributors deliver food faster and chefs serve fresher meals. You probably had no idea that Local Line is one of the most talked about startups among farmers in Ontario and soon, North America.


A digital farmers' market brings local foods to Ontarians

Flanagan Market was built by Local Line, a Kitchener-based software company that specializes in building online marketplaces for food businesses. It was actually Local Line that approached Flanagan about putting together Flanagan Market, and it just so happened that a Flanagan survey of its customers had revealed that a sizeable chunk of them wanted access to more local food.

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How a Syrian Developer Found Happiness — and a Job — in Waterloo Region

Local Line is an online marketplace for locally sourced food. The site connects farmers and their customers — restaurants, food distributors, wholesalers and the like. It serves as a store, tracks customers and organizes data. And it’s growing. Local Line has four employees and is looking to triple in size this year.

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Flanagan Foodservice and Local Line Receive Local Food Champion Award from Greenbelt Fund

At the Greenbelt Fund Local Food Symposium on November 8, Flanagan Foodservice and Local Line received the Local Food Champion Award in recognition of their partnership to increase local food offerings to Flanagan Foodservice customers using Local Line’s online ordering platform. The award was presented by Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Jeff Leal.

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Flanagan Foodservice and Local Line partner to increase access to Ontario local food

“What we’ve effectively done is created a catalog expansion platform for Flanagan Foodservice. They now offer their own local food e-commerce store with their local supplier partners throughout Ontario. As a customer of Flanagan’s, you get to browse those suppliers and order from them directly, enabling you to access the variety of products you’re looking for with just the click of a button,” says Cole Jones, CEO of Local Line.

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To Bolster Local Food Market, Software Solution Streamlines Grower Seller Communications

The idea for this streamlined company that bills itself as “a commerce platform to build your brightest future in food” was sparked in October 2013. That’s when Cole Jones met the company’s other co-founder, Cole McLay, at a pitch competition. McClay and Jones were both undergrads at the time—McLay was a fourth-year environmental studies student at the University of Waterloo, and Jones was a third year philosophy student at Wilfrid Laurier University. The original concept behind Local Line was to distribute local food from farmers to consumers, but the young, budding business partners soon changed their focus to supplying chefs.

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E-Commerce Platforms Powering the Local Food Movement

Local Line is where these trends – the local food movement and increased supply chain transparency – converge. Local Line’s platform allows buyers and sellers to build relationships directly, and includes a host of features for managing operations. Restaurants, caterers and institutions are able to tell their patrons exactly where their food ingredients came from, while farmers, butchers, bakers, vineyards and brewers are able to establish strong ties with their customers.

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Local Line Achieves Triple Bottom Line

“We wanted to help farmers. It quickly grew from that, but it was the simple premise that food grown closest to you is the most difficult to access and typically the most expensive That seemed really backwards and we knew things needed to change.”

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Local Line wins Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

Consumers love local food. And now, putting Ontario food on the menu just got easier for restaurants and institutions, thanks to Local Line. Cole Jones developed the online order management platform, which lets chefs buy directly from growers without the hassle of placing dozens of different orders. A flat-rate monthly subscription fee gives them access to a slew of meats, dairy products, grains, fruits and vegetables.

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LaunchPad Startup Connects Restaurants to Farms In Waterloo Region

A couple of years ago, a Waterloo Region startup wanted to solve a puzzle: Why is food grown closest to a community typically the most expensive and the most difficult to access?

The startup is Local Line, and the solution, according to President and CEO Cole Jones, is to build relationships between restaurants and farms in Waterloo Region and other communities, to give chefs an innovative and convenient way to order local food from producers in their community.

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LaunchPad startup and co-founder nominated for 3 KW Chamber Business Excellence Awards

Laurier LaunchPad startup, Local Line – a platform that connects chefs with local food in their communities – has been nominated for Small Business of the Year and the Environment and Sustainability Award as part of the KW Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards for 2015.

Additionally, Local Line Co-Founder Cole Jones, a fourth-year philosophy student at Laurier, was nominated in the category of Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Earlier this year he was also nominated by Enactus for Student Entrepreneur of the Year.

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Laurier Launchpad startup Local Line one of six Canadian companies attending international business competition

Laurier Launchpad startup Local Line will be one of six Canadian quarterfinalists attending the prestigious International Business Model Competition (IBMC) held at Brigham Young University May 1-2.

Local Line is an online platform that connects chefs with a “menu’s worth” of local food – and therefore local farmers – in their communities.

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Kitchener startup draws direct line from farm to fork

It's becoming increasingly popular for restaurants to promote locally sourced food on their menus. But it can be a challenging, time-consuming process for chefs to connect with farmers and keep on top of the frequent orders. Enter Local Line Inc., a Kitchener-based business that makes that direct connection from farm to fork.

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