From never ending to do lists to record breaking months

Benefits of Local Line


Get More Orders

Make your products available 24/7, 365 with custom pricing and catalogs


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Make Customers Love You

Give your customers the ultimate order flexibility through updated inventory, prices, and delivery information

Organize Your Order Fulfillment

Save hours each week on picking, packing, and shipping orders 


Local Line Features



Create & launch your own online store in less than a day.

  • Customize your store layout

  • Embed your online store on your website

  • Sell products with variable weight and packaging


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Build dedicated price lists for your different sets of customers. 

  • Customize pricing for your different customers

  • Set custom payment terms

  • Track inventory across multiple catalogs



Products & Inventory

Create an up-to-date product list with real-time inventory

  • Track variable weights and packaging

  • Track live inventory and set notifications when you're getting low

  • Track seasonality

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Customer Management

Manage all of your customers in the palm of your hand. 

  • Track key events like product views

  • Automate follow-ups and catalog updates

  • Assign customers to sales reps



Orders & Invoicing

Send invoices in less time than it took you to read this!

  • Easily update orders and invoices

  • Integrate with your accounting program

  • Never miss another payment




A logistics system saves you time and keeps customers informed.

  • Set your own delivery days, order minimums, and lead times

  • Add pickup locations in the cities you serve.

  • Schedule deliveries with local carriers


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More Features

  • Order History

  • Payment Processing

  • Messaging

  • User & Account Management

  • Supplier Management

  • Sales Rep Management

  • Advanced Inventory

  • Integrations


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