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Choose from 3 award-winning products

LocalSELL is built for:

Food suppliers who sell products to their customers. Farmers, wholesalers, brewers, vineyards, butchers, bakers, and artisanal producers use LocalSELL to sell to households, restaurants, retail and institutions. 

LocalMarket is built for:

Foodservice distributors and organizations who want to facilitate the sale and distribution of product that they don't warehouse. Products are drop shipped direct to customer. 

LocalHub is built for:

Wholesalers and food hubs who buy and sell products, distribute them to their customers, and need a management system for their supplier and customers communications and logistics. 


“The Local Line technology is world class. We've had a great experience working with their team to bring more local food to Ontarians.”

Barry Reid, VP Sales & Marketing at Flanagan Foodservice

“My favourite part is how it can track my invoices and inventory levels across multiple pricing catalogs. Makes life a lot easier!”

Brett Schuyler, Owner at Wolleys' Lamb



"Local Line lets us forecast our customers needs. They love ordering through our online store and order sizes are increasing!"

Will Rootham, Owner at Rootham's Gourmet